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Welcome to this community!
This group is intended for everyone who's interested in what's new to eat, where to eat it/get it in Metro Manila and environs. I guess that includes most of Luzon (Baguio, Subic, Olongapo, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Laguna, you get it).

Reviews, food notes, tips are most welcome.

The main objective is: if you want to get news firsthand of good places to eat, this is where you'll go. This will work only if you share some (if not all) of your info. :) Fair exchange, please! :)

Since home cooking and deli food are part of the foodie's universe, you can write about deli finds, cooking ingredients/appliances/gear that make cooking convenient, fun, etc.

Rules are simple:

1. Let's please not argue too much about the state of the "scene" (it's tired, it's dead, it's non existent, etc), unless you're constructive. We already know.

2. Note names of places, dishes as desired. Addresses and tel. numbers, as well as directions for hard-to-find places, while not required, are helpful. This is to prevent people from asking for the info over and over again.

3. If you need food suggestions on where to eat, try to provide this info:

Kind of food/cuisine (eg., Korean/Meditarranean/grilled food)
What area of town (Makati, Manila, Tagaytay, Angeles)
What's your budget per person
Ambience required

Well, that's it.

Your moderator
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